Venezuela and Russia deepen military and industrial cooperation

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, thanked the Russian Federation for its support for Venezuela during the UN Security Council.

“The country obtained a decisive victory before the imperialist forces, who pretend to impose a military intervention in the homeland of Bolivar and Chávez,” affirmed the Head of State.

During a telephone conversation, held in the morning hours with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he commented: “First, I thanked him for all the support of Russia in the Security Council, a firm and resolute support. Venezuela has the support of the world”.

He informed that during the telephone conversation, they agreed to deepen the military and industrial cooperation between both nations, and he detailed that in the country were put in operation 5 factories of trucks with Russian technology.

Under the framework of oil agreements, the Head of State stressed the renewal of the agreement of  OPEC and non OPEC member countries.

“It has already been announced the firm opinion of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, to extend for 9 months the oil agreement of Opec and non-Opec countries to continue improving the balance and the price of oil in the world”, he said.

The Venezuelan President said that in the coming days he will travel to Russia to review the cooperation agreements between the two countries.