Psuv: Macri measure against Telesur is an attack on freedom of expression

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela rejected on Monday the measures by Mauricio Macri’s Government to draw out the signal of the Telesur TV station from the Argentinean cable companies, as said the first Vice President of the red party, Diosdado Cabello.
«Censorship, closures of stations, of newspapers and televisions is what is happening in Argentina (…) it is a violent attack on the freedom of expression and (Luis) Almagro (Secretary General of the OAS) apparently does not know about this» said Cabello from the Quinta Anauco in Caracas.
He stressed that while President Macri «Gets lonelier every day» the Argentinean people continues to mobilize in the streets, to protest the neoliberal actions that also try to implement in Venezuela.
«Sooner rather than later the Argentinean people will be free from the shackles of neoliberalism, once again,» he emphasized.