Zapatero: The best Democratic Charter is dialogue

Hace 2 años.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former President of Spain, during an interview with journalist Ernesto Villegas, in the “7 Preguntas” (7Questions) program, broadcast by Telesur, said the best Democratic Charter that can be applied in Venezuela is the dialogue between the Bolivarian Government and the opposition integrated by the parties of the MUD.

When asked about the performance of Luis Almagro in the Organization of American States and the application of the mechanism in Venezuela, the Spanish politician said that “The best Charter is that of dialogue and is the one we have activated with a great support of the international community”.

He added that dialogue in which mediation are participating the former Presidents of Panama, Martin Torrijos, and of the Dominican Republic; Leonel Fernandez, should be directed to Venezuela and the Venezuelans, and try to overcome all difficulties.

“The twenty-first century must be of a spirit of cooperation, of assistance in the respect for the sovereignty of each country,” he said.

Zapatero stressed that Venezuela is not the only nation that has undergone economic crises, so it is necessary to provide “a drop of water in this ocean of needs of the peoples”.

“To say dialogue is to say Peace, it is to say the path to the best possible democracy, I do not know which could be the experience of democracy of Mr. Almagro, but in my experience, difficult situations have only one way: Dialogue.”

He stressed that he has held meetings with both the opposition and the National Executive, to evaluate both sides and examine two factors that are clear for the moment that lives Venezuela, “The patriotic will that is feeling its people and the background will that responds to the innate good faith of human beings and which gives way to dialogue, “he said.

The former President of Spain, sent a message of confidence to the Venezuelans, “All countries of the world have been through very difficult situations, and we will not remember it, let’s say that if there is indeed a global world, we must go for positive stimuli in Venezuela”.

As for the government of Spain and the Presidential process that is being developed at this time, Rodriguez Zapatero added that it is necessary that the will of the Spanish is executed, “Rajoy must understand what is the position of the Socialist Party of Spain”.