Youth will march this Sunday to Miraflores

Hace 1 año.

The Chavista, patriotic youth will commemorate their day, this Sunday, February 12, with a great march that will depart from the Morelos square, next to the seat of UNEARTE (Arts University), up to Miraflores Palace (downtown Caracas), to share along with the President of the youth, Nicholas Mature.

Angelo Rivas, president of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation (IMDERE), when interviewed in the “Al Aire” (On Air) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, said that young people will mobilize for the achievements in the last 17 years as education, access to technology, housing and public policies.

“This generation that was born in Revolution, those who were born with Chavez, we have enough reasons to commemorate our day. We have been lucky to have had a President who was attentive to the youth, as was at the time Commander Hugo Chavez, and President Nicolás Maduro, at present”.

Rivas, referring to those born in Revolution, recalled that many young people are unaware of the revolutionary struggle of figures such as that of Livia Gouverneur, to conquer the achievements currently made by youth, a socialist society.

To those young people who have made the decision to forge their future in other countries, he reminded them that Venezuela is a country of opportunities, which registers a large participation of young people in different productive sectors.