With the Constituent Assembly we will achieve a gigantic victory of Peace over the violent ones

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that the country has spent five weeks being a victim of a terrorist acts that have left dead people and material losses.

The Head of State said that local and international private media do not show the reality of what is happening in the country. He used as an example the case of the moto-taxi assassinated by a sniper in Mérida state; The one of the minor murdered in the entrance of a urbanism of the GMVV in Barquisimeto, and the case of the young man who was killed on Wednesday, May 10 in Las Mercedes.

Regarding the last case said that the young man was impacted with a bearing ball, propelled by a weapon of homemade manufacture, known as “Chopos”, as close as about 5 meters of distance.

The National leader expressed his solidarity with the victims of the terrorist acts and their families. He affirmed that these facts are the balance of “the armed insurgency that has convened the MUD against the Republic and the people of Venezuela” and added that: “From here I want to ask God for blessings of peace for their relatives, Justice (is what) Venezuela needs before the Coup d’ Etat” .

He affirmed that these actions are more violent than those occurred in 2014, which lasted 5 months, stating that these will be neutralized and defeated, sooner rather than later.

“With the Constituent Assembly we will achieve a gigantic victory of Peace over the violent ones and fascists …  the “guarimbas” (riots) have left pain and death, our people refuses to surrender to the violent ones”, he said.

He warned that he ordered to investigate the alleged abuses by the hands of State officials, and in the case of being anyone involved, to fall the full weight of the law, and demanded the competent authorities to investigate the call for a coup d’état, the burning of schools and the permanent  aggression to GNB and GNP officers, “There must be a balance in justice”, he said.

“They do not realize that they are heading for failure, for the definitive violence, they do not realize that every day they are more repudiated by the people, repudiated by a whole country, including by the voters who once supported them”, assured the President, referring to the Venezuelan opposition and their recurrent call to violence.

Finally, he spoke about the events of the educational unit in the La Carlota air base, which was besieged and destroyed yesterday afternoon by a sector of the Venezuelan opposition, and exhorted the deputy to the National Assembly for the Primero Justicia party , Julio Borges, and to the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, to take a stand against these vandalism acts.

He assured that those responsible for this siege have been identified and some are already captured in order to be tried by the military justice system. “Anyone who is captured attacking a military base will go to the place it has to go”, said the President.