With its vote the people will reject US interventionism

Hace 7 meses.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said that the Venezuelan people will say No to the interventionism orchestrated by the United States when they vote on October 15, when will be held the elections of Governors in the country.

The Head of State said that anyone who goes to vote in the regional elections will support the National Constituent Assembly and will say “enough of imperialism, interventionism and sanctions imposed by the US government against the Venezuelan people”.

“With my Carnet de la Patria (Homeland card) I appeal to the entire people of Venezuela to go to vote. Anyone who comes out to support is supporting the National Constituent Assembly and is telling imperialism, (Donald) Trump, (Juan Manuel) Santos, (Michel) Temer, to (Mariano) Rajoy: Enough of interventionism, No to sanctions, Let nobody underestimate the importance of the elections next Sunday”, said the Head of State in a joint radio and television broadcast.

Maduro called on the social organizations to mobilize this Sunday to guarantee the revolutionary victory in the regional elections.

“I call on all our teams to dedicate ourselves to motivate, summon and mobilize the people to vote next Sunday. Here is the homeland, here is Chavez”, he said.

He emphasized that the media corporations have silenced the campaign of the regional elections, because it constitutes a representation of the Democratic nature of the National Government and the Venezuelan people.

“They have silenced Venezuela where we have an exemplary electoral campaign with the participation of the right wing, with hundreds of candidates, mobilization, expression with full acknowledgemnt of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Now we were silenced because they want to sell false news to the world on that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela”, he said.

The Head of State said that the Venezuelan people cannot take a false step as it happened in 2015 in the elections for the National Assembly taken by the right wing, which has caused damage to the country when requesting a foreign intervention of the country.

“That has already been demonstrated, a false step that took place in 2015 that should serve as a lesson for the people, we can not do more false steps, that must be made known to all Chavistas, to all Bolivarians, who may be discontented, tired , to the unaware who says he does not care about politics, but Ramos Allup came to the National Assembly and caused damage to this country”, he said.