Will apply Venezuelan legislation to entrepreneurs who abandon productive spaces

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, on Tuesday night announced that the Bolivarian Government will take legal actions to recover the private companies that do not want to produce in the country, creating shortages and anguish in the Venezuelans.

“Any abandoned Company, is a company that will be recovered with the law and the Constitution, we are evaluating all the legal measures against these bandits, this is part of the economic war”, he said.

The Head of State explained that the economic war can be divided into visible and invisible, “This one is more visible, there is another that is invisible, where those responsible do not show up, it is like mining a land, and the Revolution has to give a superior attack for every attack of the economic warfare”.

He said that the Great Mission Safe Supply will constitutionally guarantee the production of foodstuffs and other staple items.

Similarly, the Venezuelan President detailed that, starting from Tuesday, the Kimberly Clark company becomes part of the Great Mission Safe and Sovereign Supply.