We must institutionalize the new post-oil economic model

Hace 12 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Monday that the Great Mission Sovereign Supply (GMAS) “is the vanguard of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda”, this civic-military program – which seeks to reappoint the country’s productivity – must be taken to the Constituent Assembly to constitutionalize a new post-oil, productive and inclusive economic model.

During the closing ceremony of the “Venezuela Sovereign Production” Expo, the National President emphasized that “we are writing a new economic history, a new historical epoch of the country”.

He stressed that when the Constituent Assembly is installed in full in the coming days, the productive sector must present the proposals for the basis of this new economic scheme.

“We must draw it in detail, the obligations of the State, the participation of private companies, national and international investment, we have the capacity, vision and maturity to draw the economic path that we will mark from the Constituent”, he said.

He added that in order for Venezuela to acquire its own economic model, small and medium-sized enterprises, articulated with the State, must frame their productive model within the communal and humanist economy, in order to strengthen the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) and thus satisfy the needs of the people.

“We have the vision, we have the strategy, we have articulated the force with the engines of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply. Let’s bring together the components of our own model of real economic development. (…) Between the neoliberal model and our model, this humanist economic model that we are founding will prevail, “he said.