“We have the opportunity to achieve technological independence in the country”

Hace 2 años.

The Minister of People’s Power for Higher Education, Science and Technology, Jorge Arreaza, said on Wednesday that the country is at the time of achieving technological and scientific independence in these circumstances that is living the country, where the rentier model imposed by capitalism, is already in the stage of its exhaustion.

“With all the tools that have emerged this year, we have a great opportunity, from the world of knowledge, to generate the independence in the control of scientific and technological processes, to solve our problems in these areas and move forward,” stressed Arreaza while participating in the program “Date con la Ciencia” (Go ahead with Science) , broadcast by the RNV Informative channel.

In this regard, he said that as the oil wealth has been equitably distributed to the people, now can be raised new revenue sources within the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and all its articulated processes, that can reach the missions and great missions.

Arreaza said that regardless of any political position, we must bet “on those who believe that, by generating knowledge to solve our problems, we will move forward as a power country.”