We demand exemplary punishment for those who promote violence

Hace 9 meses.

Oswaldo Vera, former Minister for the Social Process of Work, demanded exemplary punishment for those who have perpetrated the terrorist acts registered in recent weeks in the country, as well as for the intellectual authors of the macabre plan of the Venezuelan right wing.

“The people can not agree with actions of this nature and I think that it is necessary to look for exemplary measures; Our intelligence service, police forces and the justice system must take exemplary actions to end this spiral of violence that can generate more damage to property and human lives”.

When interviewed in the “Encendidos” (Turned On) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, he warned that the right wing is reaching unimaginable levels of insanity, which are expressed in recent attacks to public facilities, health centers, police officers, military personnel, citizens and everything that represents the work of the Revolution.

Vera said that the media campaign of the right wing has affected the mind of the population, so the violence that is currently experienced in some areas of the country is not a natural behavior of the Venezuelan people, but is part of a directed plan.

“Here, definitely, justice must overcome in the midst of this confrontation that must be defined between the two sectors, violence and those who want to end with the country, and us patriots, who love peace and tranquility”.