Was published in Official Gazette Decree for Constituent National Assembly

Hace 12 meses.

The Decree of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), convened by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, was published in Official Gazette No. 6,295.

The text establishes that the consultation will be made with a “direct and secret voting” and that the members of the ANC will be elected in the sectoral and territorial areas.

The Head of State delivered this Wednesday, May 3 the decree before the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Following, the complete text of the decree:

Presidency of the Republic
Decree No. 2,830
May 1, 2017

President of the Republic

In use of the powers granted to me by article 348 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in accordance with articles 70, 236, numeral 1 and 347 ejusdem, with the blessing of God Almighty, and inspired by the grandiose historical inheritance of our aboriginal ancestors, heroes and heroines of independence, on whose peak is the Father of the Homeland,  Liberator Simón Bolívar, and with the primary purpose of ensuring the preservation of the country’s peace given the current social, political and economic circumstances, over which the severe internal and external threats of antidemocratic factors and of a marked anti-patriotic stance hang over its constitutional order, I consider it a historic and unavoidable duty to call for a CONSTITUENT NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, based on the popular constituent process, a Legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez, and the Pioneering And founding Constitution of 1999, so that our people, as the Original Constituent Power, may express its strong will and maximum guarantee of the sacred rights and social achievements conquered, and which during my mandate I have struggled to sustain and deepen. And therefore I propose as programmatic objectives of the National Constituent Assembly:

Peace as a necessity, as a right and yearning for the nation, the Constituent process is a great call for a National Dialogue to contain the escalation of political violence, through mutual political recognition and a reorganization of the State, recovering the constitutional principle of cooperation Between public authorities, as a guarantee of the full functioning of the democratic, social, legal and justice state, overcoming the current climate of impunity.

The improvement of the National Economic System towards an Empowered Venezuela, conceiving the new model of the post-oil, mixed, productive, diversified, integrative economy, starting with the creation of new instruments to stimulate the development of productive forces, as well as the establishment of a new model of transparent distribution that fully meets the needs of supply of the population.

To Constitutionalize the Missions and Great Socialist Missions, developing the democratic, social, law and justice State, towards a State of Supreme Social Happiness, in order to preserve and expand the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, in the matters of the full enjoyment and the exercise of social rights for our people.

The extension of the powers of the Justice System to eradicate the impunity of crimes, especially those committed against persons (homicides, kidnapping, extortion, rape, gender violence and children); As well as crimes against the country and society such as corruption; Extraction smuggling; Speculation; The terrorism; Drug trafficking; The promotion of social hatred and foreign interference.

Constitutionalization of the new forms of participatory and protagonist democracy, starting with the recognition of the new subjects of the People’s Power, such as Communes and Communal Councils, Worker men and women Councils, among other forms of territorial and social organization of the population.

The defense of the sovereignty and integrity of the nation and protection against foreign interventionism, expanding the powers of the democratic, social, legal and justice State for the preservation of citizen security, guaranteeing the integral exercise of Human Rights, The defense of independence, peace, immunity, and the political, economic and territorial sovereignty of Venezuela. As well as promoting the consolidation of a multi-polar and multi-center world that guarantees respect for international law and security.

The claiming of the multicultural character of the country, through the constitutional development of the spiritual values that allow us to recognize ourselves as Venezuelans, in our ethnic and cultural diversity as a guarantee of peaceful coexistence in the present and towards the future, vaccinating ourselves against the social and racial hatred incubated in a minority of society.

The guarantee of the future, our youth, through the inclusion of a constitutional chapter to consecrate the rights of youth, such as the free and conscious use of information technologies; The right to a decent work and that≤ liberates their creativity, the protection of young mothers; the access to a first home; and the recognition of the diversity of their tastes, styles and thoughts, among others.

The preservation of life on the planet, developing constitutionally, with a greater specificity the sovereign rights over the protection of our biodiversity and the development of an ecological culture in our society.

I invoke the Original Constituent Power, so that with its deep patriotic spirit, according to a National Constituent Assembly that is a participatory and protagonist tribune of all of our society, where the voice of the most diverse social sectors is expressed. A National Constituent Assembly, which conforms to the geopolitical structure of the Federal and Decentralized State, based on the primary political unity of the territorial organization that our Constitution enshrines.

It is the duty of the National Constituent Assembly to guarantee the Social State of Law and Justice, as well as to channel the popular outcry of those who today demand that their rights, achievements and achievements enjoy the constitutional rank, at which level they undoubtedly must be elevated, perfecting the model of humanistic, political, juridical and economic development that is contained and consecrated in our Magna Carta, for all these historical reasons and with the most sacred moral and loving commitment that I regard on the Venezuelan people, I take the constitutional and exclusive initiative to convene, in a Council of Ministers:


Article 1: In the exercise of the powers conferred on me by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Articles 348, 347, 70, and 236 numeral 1 ejusdem I CALL ON A NATIONAL CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY, a citizen one and of a deep popular participation, so that our People, as Depositary of the Original Constituent Power, with its supreme voice, can decide the future of the country, reaffirming the principles of independence, sovereignty, equality, peace, participatory and starring democracy,of a  multiethnic and pluri-cultural democracy.

Article 2 The members of the National Constituent Assembly shall be elected or elected at the sectoral and territorial levels, under the directions of the National Electoral Council, by universal, direct and secret vote; With the supreme interest of preserving and deepening the constitutional values of freedom, equality, justice and immunity of the Republic and self-determination of the People.

Held in Caracas, on the first day of May, two thousand and seventeen. Years 207 ° of Independence, 158 ° of the Federation and 18 ° of the Bolivarian Revolution.

May it be executed,