Villegas warns of resurgence of Nazi-fascism in the country

Hace 9 meses.

The denounce was made on Monday by the Minister for Information and Communication, Ernesto Villegas, after last May 20, a 21-year-old youth identified as Orlando José Figueras was confused by violent fanatics in Altamira, who persecuted him, caught and set him on fire with gas.

“I am extremely concerned and I come to echo the approach made by the President of the Republic, after putting on air the terrible, scandalous images of a human being being burned, set on fire in Altamira, by a group of allegedly peaceful demonstrators who poured Gasoline him and set him on fire … a really dantesque thing that marks a turning point. ”

“There has emerged in Venezuela a factor that is present, visible, that claims methods of Nazi-fascism,” a practice that is being promoted by political sectors of the right wing, he said during an interview on the private TV station Globovisión.

Faced with this tragic episode, Villegas demanded that the democratic factors of the opposition set a position in rejecting such practices. “There cannot be half-measures (…)” The overwhelming majority of Venezuela rejects such actions. A human being, being burned down alive leads us to remember the most atrocious things of World War II”.

“We can have any differences we want. In a democratic society everyone has the right to free expression of thought, but when in the name of politics certain limits are passed and are shown these things that return politics to earlier times, it is time to stop and reflect.