Venezuela will strengthen urban agriculture program with support from Cuba

Hace 2 años.

In order to promote the urban agriculture program being carried by the National Government, Venezuela and Cuba established a joint commission, which will allow to take the experience of the Caribbean island in this area.

This was announced on Saturday, during a broadcast from Cuba by Venezolana de Television (VTV), by the Minister for Urban Agriculture, Lorena Freitez, who noted that will take the experience of that country which carries 27 years of work, and as a result of the application of various forms of this production model, currently caters to 52% of the population with vegetables produced in urban areas.

“Based on these experiences we have widespread expectations that the Cuban advice can strengthen the production processes in urban areas in Venezuela,” he said.

Regarding the 100-day plan for Urban Planting, the minister said they have mapped 5,000 production units in urban and peri-urban populations, covering about 3,000 hectares.

She explained that through the national registry of this plan have registered more than 18,000 units. She also said that project covering 5,000 hectares across the country and the goal is to cover 20% of the consumption of vegetables in the eight cities where the program is developed.

The plan has among its main lines of action planting in principle 1,200 hectares with 13 items such as chard, cilantro, scallions, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, onion, sweet pepper, beets, paprika, carrot and lettuce.