Venezuela will ratify at international meeting its policy of protecting human rights

Hace 2 años.

Representatives of Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) will participate on Tuesday and Wednesday in Caracas at the International Meeting for Justice, Reparation and Peace, in which the Venezuelan State ratified its commitment, which has been in place over the last 17 years, in Revolution, to establish and develop a policy for the protection of Human Rights (HR) and not allow impunity.

The executive secretary of the National Council for Human Rights, Larry Devoe, offered the information this Tuesday in an interview on the “El Desayuno” (The Breakfast) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television.

The meeting will take place in the Jose Felix Ribas hall of the Teresa Carreño Theater, and is organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the National Council for Human Rights, to discuss experiences developed worldwide in human rights, tools for the construction of historical memory and reparation to the victims of conflicts of diverse origin.

Devoe referred to the Commission for Truth, Justice, Victim and Peace, set up by the Executive on last April 12, to propose measures to recognize, protect and to fully assist the victims of political violence in the country.

The organ was born after the Venezuelan opposition, with a majority in the parliament, approved last March a law that seeks to release those responsible for violent deaths, attacks on public property and other damages made for political purposes, which were investigated, prosecuted and convicted by the Judiciary Power of the nation since 1999.