Venezuela will freeze accounts to Panamanian companies linked to mafias

Hace 2 semanas.

The Vice President of the Republic, Tareck El Aissami, reiterated on Wednesday that the National President, Nicolás Maduro, by reciprocity, ordered the freezing of accounts of Panamanian companies linked to the mafia.

“We have drawn out a resolution to protect our financial system from the mafias represented by the President of Panama and the Panamanian companies linked to him,” said the Vice President during the swearing in of the Simón Bolívar Campaign Command in Aragua state.

He recalled that yesterday the Panamanian President issued a new “illegal and infamous” resolution, preventing Venezuelan planes from reaching Panama. In this regard, he stressed that the National Government has always been willing to dialogue and resolve what needs to be resolved, however, they insist on lashing out against Venezuela, which is why in the coming days will be published new Panamanian companies to be sanctioned in the country.

“We will not be put on our knees, we have a history of more than 200 years of struggle”, he said.

“For us it is the same to fight against imperialism as against any right wing Government; If these Governments continue to offend the national dignity, let them look at themselves in the mirror of the now tried former President of Peru, Pedro Kuczynski, “he said.