Venezuela strengthens cooperation with South Africa in mining, tourism and agriculture

Hace 2 años.

On Monday, after a meeting with officials of the African National Congress, the Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz, reported that Venezuela refines an agenda with South Africa for cooperation in the area of mining, tourism, education and agriculture.

“It is an agenda that has mining and agriculture as a central point. We have taken our relationship based on the South-South strengthening. Regarding tourism they have interesting proposals and we bring the information. ”

Vice President Isturiz said that Venezuela continues to strengthen the South-South Agenda, proposed at the time by Commander Hugo Chavez.

“It was President Chavez, who intensified relations with all African countries. When we speak of strengthening a country like South Africa in its relations with Venezuela, it is because that relationship is fundamental to something superior such as the South-South Agenda, which is very important at this time when there is an imperial offensive in the world. ”

In this regard, he said that there is an imperialist offensive against the peoples of Latin America. “The world’s economic situation is very critical and only strengthening relations with all peoples is that you can move forward.”