Venezuela sends 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Saint Martin

Hace 6 meses.

On Sunday departed a new cargo of 10 tons of humanitarian aid on a Bolivarian National Armed Forces aircraft to Saint Martin, one of the 13 islands in the north of the Caribbean affected by the passing of Hurricane Irma. the most powerful storms that have hit the Atlantic and which has destroyed 95% of the infrastructure of this French Antille.

Mattresses, blankets, sheets, canned foods, medicines, first aid kits and clothing, compose this second cargo, meeting the requirements of the authorities of Saint Martin.

Néstor Reverol, Minister of Internal Affairs, Justice and Peace, from ramp 4 of the “Simón Bolívar” International Airport of Maiquetía, located in Vargas state, reported on the evacuation of 40 Venezuelans who were on the island of Saint Martin, who will return to the country aboard this aircraft.

He continued by pointing out that the Bolivarian Government is making all coordination with the authorities of Antigua and Barbuda to establish an air bridge with the FANB aircraft. In the same manner, they maintain permanent communication with the authorities of Haiti and Cuba, to assist the peoples of these brotherly nations, affected by the passage of Irma.

Regarding the trajectory of these storms, he pointed out that Hurricane Irma – category 4- is located, at 10:00 am Venezuelan local time, southwest of La Florida, registering a displacement of 13 kilometers per hour.

(Hurricane) José, meanwhile, is located 400 kilometers northwest of the French Antilles, the center of this category 4 hurricane is located north of Puerto Rico. This storm moves at 215 kilometers per hour.