Venezuela rejects US plan to use the Security Council to impose its interfering agenda

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The Ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations Organization, Rafael Ramírez, denounced the illegal nature of the informal meeting convened by the delegation of the United States of America, with some members of the Security Council of this instance, to deal with internal affairs of Venezuela .

Ramírez indicated that the United States Government intends to use the platform of the United Nations Security Council to impose its interventionist agenda against the Bolivarian Homeland.

“The meeting that is taking place at the moment in the United Nations is part of the political agenda of the US mission, in prejudice of multilateralism and peace. (…) This farce today is a hostile act of the US and clearly an interventionist act, which violates the principle of sovereignty of a Member State of the United Nations”, he said.

Countries such as China, Russia, Bolivia and Egypt, which are also part of the Security Council, repudiated this plan and expressed their solidarity with Venezuela, its independence and its right to self-determination.

“There are few ambassadors of the Security Council that have come to this call, because they understand that Venezuela is not part of the Council’s agenda, since it does not represent a threat to peace or international security”, he said.

Ramírez reiterated that Venezuela will solve its internal problems with mechanisms based on the laws and the Constitution of the Republic, for which it strongly rejects interventionist actions of the North American Government.

“The United States has unleashed a systematic campaign against our country that includes coercive, unilateral and illegal measures against government officials and against our national economy to the detriment of the entire Venezuelan people. The international community must know that Venezuela will resolve its internal problems within the framework of its laws and its Constitution, I do not accept interference or tutelage of any kind”, he emphasized.