Venezuela rejects provocation from Colombia

Hace 11 meses.

The Bolivarian Government rejected the presence of Colombian combat armored vehicles in the frontier line with Venezuela, in Paraguachón, Department of La Guajira; an act which he qualified as a serious provocation.

Read below the complete statement from the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs:

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its strongest rejection of the unacceptable and unacceptable provocation carried out by the Republic of Colombia, with the presence of armored combat vehicles a few meters from the border line with Venezuela, today in Paraguachón, Department of La Guajira.

Provocations of this kind have occurred on other occasions, highlighting the one held on March 31 in the city of Cúcuta, very close to the head of the Simón Bolívar International Bridge.

It is striking that in recent days, high authorities in Colombia have spread throughout the world that they are preparing for waves of migrants from Venezuela to Colombia, as the product of a great event of violence, pre-configuring the kind of false positives, a field in which Colombia has a wide experience, known worldwide as an effective producer of false assumptions, to justify an intervention to Venezuela.

The serious provocation that has taken place today aims to divert attention from the profound political and social crisis that occurs in Valle del Cauca, Buenaventura, whose population claims the attention of the Colombian State in areas essential to life.

We alert the international community to the paralysis of peace agreements by the elite governing Colombia, frustrating all the international efforts that have contributed to the realization of the end of the war in this country, and which has affected our region during Decades.

Venezuela expresses its deep concern and rejection of these provocations that are in line with the bellicose tendency of a government that denies the peace to its people, and seeks by all means, to remain in the service of the imperial military industrial complex, in whose service they destine Its international political action.

We call on the Colombian Armed Forces to attend to the spirit of the Bolivarian brotherhood, instead of the call to the drums of war that from the Pentagon seeks the confrontation between our countries.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela demands the cessation of these acts of provocation and calls on the international community to be alert to these actions that seek to further affect bilateral relations between our countries, while at the same time striving for the Colombian oligarchy to resign once and for all from war, which has prevented the satisfaction of the right of the Colombian people to peace, development and the future. A single sword gave us freedom, one Liberator guided our common steps to independence and sovereignty, so we both owe ourselves to that fraternal history.

Caracas, May 21, 2017