“Venezuela must trace its path to development with work and productivity”

Hace 2 años.

Within the framework of the Agro-alimentary Engine of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, reported that this Wednesday afternoon were activated 7 hectares in Monagas state to produce yellow corn, soybeans and various tubers.

Through a telephone contact with an agricultural activity that took place in that state, the President said: “Venezuela must trace its path to development with work, discipline, and productivity. We have to produce everything our homeland may need and beyond, we have to become into an exporter of finished products with added value. ”

He also emphasized that Venezuela can not be importing seeds, when it is a privileged country in this area, and therefore he urged the Governor of Cojedes state, Erika Farias and the Francisco de Miranda Front, to assume this challenge. “We will supply ourselves with seeds.”