Venezuela launches diplomatic offensive to counteract criminalization campaign

Hace 11 meses.

In the last week there have been 20 press conferences in Latin American and Caribbean countries to counter the international aggression campaign against Venezuela, and by the end of this week will begin the tour of Europe to expose the truth of the Venezuelan people.

The information was offered by William Castillo, Vice Minister of International Information, during an interview in the “Encendidos” (Turned On)  program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión. “We have gone to the Celac, Caricom, Petrocaribe and Unasur, to explain our reality to each of the institutions of the world”.

This international political and diplomatic offensive has three objectives: first, to dismantle the lies regarding the episodes of violence registered in the country; Second, to explain the scope of the National Constituent Assembly, a democratic instrument proposed by President Nicolas Maduro; And thirdly, to counter the campaign against the popular consultation.

“Our main argument is for the world to know who are the ones that generates violence in Venezuela; Who are promoting violence; Who are blocking the streets; Who are attacking schools and health centers; Who are chasing, who is burning citizens in the middle of the street and then legitimizes it; Who kills their own demonstrators in situations that are being investigated”.

The media and political factors of the right wing, articulated in this international campaign of aggression, have focused their attention on Venezuela, as evidenced in the last election campaign in Spain, where the highest number of mentions were on Venezuela, according to a study of a prestigious University of Spain.

“There is a double standard, a double view, countries are not evaluated in the same way. It can not be that with the humanitarian security crisis that Mexico has; the humanitarian crisis and the poverty of Colombia; the humanitarian crisis in Peru; the political crisis in Brazil and Argentina; the social crisis that Mauricio Macri is promoting; with this world panorama then it appears that the Venezuelan situation is practically the same as that of Syria or Libya (…) “