Venezuela is a victim of the most serious threats of the past 10 years

Hace 2 años.

Venezuela is being the victim of a political, media, diplomatic aggression, and the most serious threats of the last 10 years, “Maybe the most serious that we are facing” .

This was confirmed by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, in a press conference -made this Tuesday- with national and international media gathered at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

“The country is being the center of a systematic, political and media aggression of a diplomatic character, that breaks the regular parameters of what we have known in 17 years of Bolivarian Revolution. We have faced and neutralized various modalities of this international conspiracy. ”

Last Friday, the Head of State issued a decree of a State of Exception and Economic Emergency, in force for 60 days, for the defense of the social rights of the Venezuelan people and the protection of national sovereignty, against the threats by factors that promote an unconventional war against the country, marked by hoarding, usury and the boycott of essential staple goods.

Faced with this scenario, the first National Leader is empowered to dictate different measures and actions in matters of health, alimentation and other basic services. He can, for example, authorize the design and implementation of exceptional mechanisms for the supply of inputs, machinery, seeds, credit and everything related to the national agricultural and livestock development.