Venezuela gets overwhelming victory in Bandagro Case in US courts

Hace 2 años.

After more than 10 years of trial in Ohio, United States, Venezuela finally obtained the deserved victory in a case whose dark origins date back to the 80s of last century, when some international swindlers forged promissory notes of the extinct Bandagro financial institution for hundreds of millions of dollars, and tried to use them or make their collection in various locations around the world.

The case was initiated in Ohio in 2004 by Skye Ventures, a US company that obtained two of the fraudulent promissory notes allegedly issued by Bandagro, and which demanded an amount of 100 million dollars plus interests. In the ruling, the judge declared the falsity of the notes, and made clear that no action by the Republic or its officers may be seen as a validation of those notes.

The representation of the Republic was exercised by the Attorney General, with the support of the Foley Hoag legal desk.

With this new victory, the Venezuelan people will remain protected by the Bolivarian Government against the chicanery and fraud made in the Fourth Republic to steal the heritage bequeathed by our Liberators.