Venezuela deplores actions by Guyana to ignore the Geneva Accord

Hace 1 año.

Venezuela rejected the arbitrary, illegal and unilateral attitude assumed by the Government of Guyana, attempting to interfere with the mechanisms of Good Offices in force, requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Agreement of 1966.

Read the full statement from the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs:

117 years after the fraud suffered by our Republic, executed by the action of Imperial agents that stripped us of part of our territory, consisting of nearly 160,000 square kilometers that form an indivisible part of our Guayana Esequiba, we express the deepest outrage at what this nefarious date has marked in the history of world diplomacy, which showed the vilest face of a systematic depredation that the British empire perpetrated against the territorial integrity of many nations of the world, through the misappropriation of more than two million Km2 in our planet.

The Arbitration fraud that occurred in Paris on October 3, 1899, summarized the criminal act of diplomatic piracy of that time, an evidence of the most fateful model of barbarism to justify blackmail, theft and looting of the new independent nations that, as Venezuela, were fighting in an indefatigable way against the dominant hegemonies of then.

Late in the twentieth century the British imperialism, being discovered in its intentions expressed in the barbaric Arbitration fraud, had chosen to get rid of the case, and endorsed as an inheritance to Guyana, at the time of granting independence, the territorial dispute.

The Geneva Accord of 1966, a law between the parties registered at the UN, rules with all its governing containment force over our Guayana Esequiba. Guyana has always known that it was born without that territory and it badly could now be favored, nor ethically, much less in law, of an alleged imperial heritage of the same.

The current Government of Guyana, motivated by obscure transnational interests and uprooted by corporate imperial centers, has taken an arbitrary, illegal and unilateral attitude by attempting to rebut the actions of the Geneva Accord and try to wriggle out of the good offices.

Venezuela deplores once again, the absurd and irrational actions taken by the Government of Guyana to ignore its international commitments and interfere with the mechanisms of Good Offices in force, citing false protections based on lies and subterfuges in order to create a situation of aggression against Venezuela, with the clear involvement and complicity of imperial forces.

Venezuela has requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to reactivate the process of good offices in force, in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Agreement of 1966, which governs and frames its participation in this territorial dispute aimed at the friendly, practical and satisfactory solution for both parties.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ratifies the peoples of the world our unwavering commitment to peace and the right that assists us in our territorial claim, which leads us to advance in the just and legal settlement of this dispute, just as stated by President Nicolas Maduro, “Peace, peace, peace will be our port, it will be our lives, and it will also be our victory.”