Venezuela denounces imperial double standards on activation of Democratic Charter

Hace 2 años.

“To say that will be applied the Inter-American Democratic Charter in Venezuela, when here are ample Democratic guarantees, and not in Brazil, is part of the imperial chutzpah and double standards. Moreover, this mechanism is requested by the Governments, not the Parliaments. The National Assembly has not realized what their role is”.

This assertion was made by the Deputy for the Homeland Bloc, Hector Rodriguez, after rejecting the action of the Venezuelan legislative power, which asked on Thursday to the Organization of American States (OAS) the activation of this mechanism.

During the installation of the Homeland Congress, chapter “History, memory and heritage,” Rodriguez rejected the constant international attacks promoted by the extreme right wing from Venezuela.

“The objective of the Homeland Congress is to rebuild our army, forcing us to put aside sectarianism; to open, listen, modify, amend, talk to our society and rebuild the majority for the battles to come”, he said.

Significantly, this space was summoned by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, to promote the discussion of various topics and link to the governing party with all sectors of civil society.