Venezuela denounced before NAM attacks on its sanitary structure

Hace 9 meses.

Venezuela denounced on Tuesday terrorist attacks on its health structure as part of the coup d’état activated by minority sectors of the national and international right wing against the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The complaint was made by Dr. Luisana Melo, Venezuelan delegate to the Tenth Meeting of Ministers of Health of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM), which was held in this city within the framework of the 70th. World Health Assembly.

In his speech, Luisana Melo informed NAM members that Venezuela has been subjected to violent actions by extremist sectors of the opposition, which have left a lamentable balance of deaths and injuries, causing serious violations of human rights, including the right to health.

“Recent violent attacks on some health facilities, such as hospitals, including a maternal and child care  center, are evidence that terrorist groups violate human rights in Venezuela”, she said.

She indicated that the expressions of hatred and intolerance of these violent and undemocratic sectors have been exacerbated by the constant manipulation of national and international private media and social networks.

“Through this distorting campaign, they try to convince the national and international public opinion that human rights are being transgressed in our country, when the reality is that, on the contrary, these rights are respected scrupulously, as never before in history”, she said. .

Constituent for peace:

The Venezuelan representative stressed that in order to channel the natural differences inherent in democracy, President Nicolás Maduro has decided to call a National Constituent Assembly, as a new and appropriate space for political dialogue, which basically seeks to maintain peace and continue the humanist course of our Bolivarian Revolution.

“Our country expects the solidarity support of the NAM Members, in order to respect the principles of sovereignty and self-determination, allowing Venezuelans to resolve their disagreements without foreign interference,” she said.