Venezuela defeats interventionist pretensions of the US in the UN Human Rights Council

Hace 1 año.

A great victory has achieved the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Human Rights Council of the UN-Geneva, after defeating the pretenses by the US Government, which promoted an interventionist statement against our country through the delegation of Paraguay.

The Government of President Nicolas Maduro had the overwhelming support from 88 countries of the Council.

The statement of support for the Bolivarian Government, read by the Ambassador of Cuba, Anayansi Rodriguez, was signed by all the African Group (54 countries); by all members of the Arab League (21 countries), by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas-ALBA, and nations such as Russia, China, India, Iran, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Haiti, between many others.

The interventionist document, prepared by the US State Department, only got the accession of another country in Latin America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica, as says a press release from the Venezuelan mission to the UN-Geneva.

The draft statement promoted by the imperial agents intended this UN body to declare the violation of human rights in Venezuela to open the floodgates of a military intervention. These maneuvers also aim to disrupt the dialogue process driven by UNASUR at the request of the Venezuelan President.