Venezuela at the UN: We are committed to the right of peoples to development

Hace 2 años.

“Let’s not change the environment, let’s change the system that is destroying the planet and the human species,” said on Thursday the Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodríguez, quoting Commander Hugo Chavez during the third day of sessions of the UN’s General Assembly, on which she pointed the consumerist model as the main responsible for the unequal concentration of wealth in the world.

“This model denies fundamental human rights of entire populations and has led to the huge situation of private transnationals with the same gross domestic product that entire nations.”

In her speech, she said that this model, reproduced by the media at the service of capital, is responsible for the destruction of the planet, blaming the industrialized nations on the devastation caused by climate change in the countries of the South.

Rodriguez, who recalled that the resources of the South American Nations have been historically at the service of the development in the North, quoted Article 3, paragraph 3, of the Declaration on the Right to Development of the United Nations, to exalt the duty of States to cooperate to ensure and eliminating obstacles to development.

In its capacity as president of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Venezuela, said the Chancellor, is committed to the right of the Peoples to development, a position that has made it the target of attacks. “We are being attacked because we are trying to change that hegemonic model that has plunged the planet into suffering and poverty. We are assaulted by unconventional ways, through a media, financial, commercial and economic blockade”.