Venezuela at the UN: The goal of the Bolivarian Government is to build a happy society

Hace 2 años.

The Vice President for Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menendez, said on Tuesday that the Bolivarian Government has worked for years into building a happy society, as it is stipulated in the Homeland Plan proposed by Commander Hugo Chavez, and launched by President Nicolas Maduro.

The statement was made by the senior official, during his participation in the High Political Level Forum on Sustainable Development, held at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York, United States.

In his speech, Menendez highlighted the goals accomplished and the expectations that has Venezuela in the social legislation, with an extreme poverty at 4.7% and the goal of its complete elimination by 2019.

Despite the economic, political and communicational aggression suffered by the Bolivarian nation, among the achievements presented at the international forum, Menendez highlighted the work done through the Basis of Socialist Missions, the investment in health, the creation of the Local Committees of Supply and production (CLAP) and the ongoing work of the offices related to the area of food production.

In education, the Venezuelan representative reported that the country has a historic university enrollment record with more than 2.7 million students and the free distribution of more than 4.5 million electronic equipment with educational purposes.

With regard to social security, among the points to be highlighted is the investment made by the Venezuelan State, which has allowed an 81 percent of the elderly population to receive a pension.

In his speech, the Vice President for Planning and Knowledge vowed by the awareness of nations about the need to transform society through policies that promote equality and that may guarantee food as a human right.