Venezuela asks the UN Security Council to have equity, balance and transparency

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The Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations Organization, Rafael Ramírez, during the General Assembly on the debate on the reform of the Security Council asked the organizations to have a greater level of equity, balance and transparency as well as having a more representative and democratic character.

“We advocate the adoption of a final regulation to the object that it acted with a sense of fairness, balance and transparency.”

He noted that the Government of Venezuela remains concerned that no significant progress has been made in the reform of the Security Council, even though its approach was made more than two decades ago.

In his opinion, the stagnation of the negotiations affects the credibility of the process, which is why they estimate greater political will.

“Venezuela considers that after 20 years of negotiation, tangible results and the incorporation of new countries are needed, an expanded Security Council must incorporate different geographical, political and cultural realities taking into account the need to reclaim the historic aspirations of the regions”, he sentenced.

Ramírez added that the reform should be translated into greater participation of the member states, “it is contradictory that peace being a matter that concerns all the members of the Organization sometimes prevents the public examination of the Council”.

Regarding the abuse of sanctions by the Agency, the Venezuelan representative pointed out that it cannot be used in the opposite way: “Close to 70 percent of the Sanctions Committee refer to sanctions against African brothers (…) it should be privileged use of means of peaceful solution to controversies”.

He also stressed that the United States intends to use the UN Security Council to intervene in the internal affairs of the country.

“Venezuela does not constitute a threat to the peace and security of the world,” he emphasized, adding that the country will resolve its affairs in peace and demanded respect for sovereignty and independence. “We do not want more US intervention in our affairs, Latin America and the Caribbean is an area of peace,” he said.