Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago establish agreements on security and defense

Hace 2 años.

The Minister of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, informed the reaching of the meeting held on Monday with the team of equipment and defense of the National Government and authorities of Trinidad and Tobago, at the headquarters of the Chancellory, Caracas.

At said meeting in which participated the Minister of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago, Edmund Dillon, were agreed mechanisms of action that allow the exchange of information and intelligence to combat the scourges of drug trafficking, arms trafficking and women slavery.

Also, the exchange of police aggregates was raised in order to coordinate joint actions on security, to advance in the negotiations of bilateral instruments in this area, defense exercises planned to be held in June 2016 and controls in the borders and piracy areas.

“The meeting was very fruitful, we the teams leave very pleased with this work of cooperation between the two countries which have almost the same customs and traditions. We understand each other perfectly and we have decided to advance relentlessly in order to fight border crimes”, explained the minister González López.

Meanwhile, Dillon expressed his gratitude for the invitation to this cooperation meetings convened by President Maduro and congratulated the initiative of both governments to address the issue of security.