Venezuela and the US will begin new stage of dialogue based on respect

Hace 2 años.

The Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, said on Tuesday that Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, held a meeting in the Dominican Republic with the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry .

“It was a meeting of 40 minutes, a respectful one, where we demanded respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and they suggested for us to begin a new stage of dialogue, with new communication channels and a set of high-level meetings, which was approved,” said the President in a joint radio and television national broadcast.

He also regretted that the United States has not given approval to whom he appointed, more than a year ago, as Venezuela’s ambassador to Washington, and therefore he urged the Secretary of State, John Kerry, to the appointment of new diplomats in order to “normalize relations “.

He also noted that during the 46th General Assembly of Organization of American States (OAS) there has been a spirit of respect and support for Venezuela, and of criticism against the “traitor Secretary General”.