Venezuela and Portugal sign 22 bilateral agreements

Hace 3 meses.

A total of 22 agreements were signed on Tuesday between the Governments of Venezuela and Portugal to strengthen cooperation in the socio-economic development of both nations.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the signing of the final minutes of the 11th Follow-up Commission of both countries, held in the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, in which the Minister of Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, referred to the scope of this meeting and investment opportunities.

“The goal is to strengthen commercial exchange and joint investments with the Portuguese government, with deep cooperation between the two peoples,” he added.

In his statements, the high official explained that new communication channels have been planned with the Portuguese population that lives in the country.

“Portugal has been an important ally in financial matters before the siege that the United States has tried to implant in Venezuela,” he said.

The Chancellor also highlighted that several Portuguese companies have expressed their willingness to continue working in the country with strategic financial, economic and political alliances.

In science and technology, one of the agreed points is to continue with the development of Canaima computers, as well as software development and distance education.

Regarding health, he stressed that the construction of a drug factory in Venezuela with Portuguese capital is under study, both for national consumption and for export.

Regarding food production, the monitoring commission studies the increase of investments with Portuguese capital in the area, as well as to boost the refrigerated sector with the purpose not only of supplying national consumption but also achieving export to countries of the Caribbean.

“President Maduro has also invited Portugal to join and invest in Petros (Crypto-Currency) in Venezuela and the world. It will be an integral relationship between both nations with very important projects”, added the Minister at the same time that informed the willingness of the Portuguese JP Sa Couto company to participate in the elaboration of the software for the farms of the Venezuelan crypto-currency.

The agreements signed between Chancellor Arreaza and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva, are aimed in their entirety to contribute to the development of strategic areas such as oil, infrastructure, electric power, university education, science, technology, health and feeding.