Venezuela and France strengthen ties of cooperation in anti-narcotics struggle

Hace 2 años.

Venezuela and France strengthen cooperation in the anti-narcotics struggle, during a visit to the Inter-ministerial Centre for Anti-Drug Education (CIFAD), located in the city of Paris, France, where the Chairman of the National Anti-Drugs Office (ONA), G/D Irwin Ascanio Escalona, held a series of meetings and practical experiences, in order to provide an effective response to this problem.

The Venezuelan delegation met with representatives of French institutions with expertise in the subject of drugs such as: the Directorate of Customs Operations, the Central Directorate of Judicial Police and the Directorate of Organized Crime and Financial Crime, a meeting in which was analyzed the methodology for the approach in operations to combat illicit trafficking, highlighting the maritime, air traffic, ground and chemicals control.

The content of the agenda also included an exhibition of the National Drug Plan (2015-2019), an instrument in which is captured the Venezuelan anti-drug policy for the next four years.

In the port city of Le Havre, the Air Maritime Surveillance Brigade, held a demonstration of the works of search and rescue, identification, boarding and inspection of vessels, among other strategies applied to control ports and borders.

Importantly, Venezuela and France perform these exchange activities to prevent and tackle illicit drug trafficking, aware of the operations that criminal organizations can make in both countries, due to its unique geopolitical location.