Venezuela advocates at the UN for peaceful solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel

Hace 2 años.

Venezuela, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement urged the United Nations (UN) to advocate for a peaceful and lasting resolution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel, as said Venezuela’s ambassador to this world’s body, Rafael Ramirez.

There he exhorted the Security Council of the UN to act, since the conflict remains being a threat to peace.

“The Non-Aligned Countries Movement has always addressed the Security Council urging them to fulfill their responsibilities, as well as with the many resolutions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on which we agree that it keeps constituting a threat to peace and that requires this council to act urgently, “he said.

Venezuela has reiterated on various national and international forums their solidarity with the cause of Palestine and its people, who for over half a century are facing the Zionist and expansionist policies of the Israeli Government, which has coerced the forced exile of at least 2 face million Palestinians, whose country has been left with a 12% of their historical territory.

According to human rights defense organizations, some 7,000 Palestinians, 400 of them children, are living in subhuman conditions in Israeli prisons, without basic rights such as water, food, medical care, education, regular visits and legal defense.