Venezuela advances in aerospace matters

Hace 5 meses.

This Monday in the early morning was launched the Antonio José de Sucre satellite, which represents another advance of the Venezuelan people in aerospace, due to the fact that in its design participated more than 100 Venezuelan engineers, said the Minister for University Education, Science and Technology, Hugbel Roa.

“Without the cooperation of China, none of our aerospace programs would have been possible. Today, we can say that our people is advancing to become a power in aerospace”, said Roa from the Jiuquan Launch Center, Gansu Province, China, as reports AVN.

The official said that this satellite -the third one of Venezuela in orbit- also represents an exercise of sovereignty and technological independence, despite constant imperial attacks against the people.

“In the midst of a whirlwind of attacks, in an attempt to stifle our people, today we do an exercise worthy of sovereignty and that is why this satellite, for us, where more than 100 Venezuelan engineers have participated, means a satellite of dignity . A real exercise for the preservation of our sovereignty and independence”, he said.

Roa stressed and thanked the cooperation of China – a country with great aerospace development – in the construction of the three satellites that Venezuela currently has in orbit: Simón Bolívar (2008), Francisco de Miranda (2012) and Sucre (2017). This new equipment will allow to advance in the development of the country.

“We would like to thank the senior aerospace authorities of the People’s Republic of China. Thank you for believing in our people, thank you for cooperating and for making an exercise of true cooperation for the liberation of the peoples … We have succeeded in building and we continue to bet on a multi-centric and multi-plural world”, he added.

This satellite will serve as a tool for planning projects of great impact in areas such as agriculture, health, energy, food security, socio-natural risk management and citizen security.

“Our satellites, these satellites, are satellites for liberation, to constitute and preserve life, the defense of peoples, not to conquer. Our people, the people of Venezuela is characterized by being a dignified and independent people and today we continue to make true exercise of our sovereignty”, he stressed.