Valdez: The National Assembly refuses to collaborate with the other powers

Hace 1 año.

Of not being activated the Economic Emergency Decree, Venezuela today would have no national budget, “we were in a very difficult situation,” said Juan Carlos Valdez, deputy magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), who was interviewed by Omar Delgado in the “En La Palestra” (At the Board) program,  broadcast by the RNV Informative channel.

Valdez said that the National Assembly, which at the moment is under an opposition majority, would not have approved any budget “because it simply benefits the people, that is why they do not approve … the National Assembly, recognizing that there is an extraordinary situation, said No at that time to the possibility of using extraordinary mechanisms to deal with this. The five public powers are obliged to collaborate with each other, to collaborate with the State, as the constitution states”, said the magistrate.

The measures taken by the National Government to supply the people are thanks to the extraordinary powers exercised by the National President, “thanks to the State of Emergency that is within the framework of the Constitution. A decree of Economic Emergency is given to the Constitutional Cresident when the tools that are legally had, are not enough to face some difficulty, so that extraordinary powers are needed at an extraordinary time”, said the also an expert in economics.

The magistrate recalled that when the second extension of the Emergency Economic Decree was requested, the National Assembly voted against. “They say the situation is worse but how come you refuse to solve it if everything is so bad.”

“The executive branch, the one that executes; The legislative branch, the one that makes the laws, each one has its specialty, that is the division of powers … The branches of the public power are made to work together, the idea is that each one performs his function on the basis Of the society and its whole (…) The National Assembly refuses to collaborate with the other powers, what sense has that”, he said.