Uruguayan social movements reject suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur

Hace 6 meses.


The Federation of University Students (FEUU) issued a statement on Tuesday expressing their “profound rejection of the position taken by his country at the summit on Saturday, August 5, which isolates Venezuela, without contributing to seek a negotiated exit to the situation of instability”.

Likewise, the group points out its “concern” for the position adopted by the Uruguayan Government that accompanied the proposal of “reactionary, coup-plotting, antidemocratic and authoritarian Governments” such as those of Brazil and Paraguay.

The FEUU expressed “support and solidarity with the Venezuelan people and rejection of the actions taken by the fascist right wing, which promotes terrorist and violent acts, seeking to destabilize the democratically elected Government of President Nicolás Maduro”.

The federation denounced in its communiqué the onslaught of US imperialism and its NATO allies, “who finance destabilizing maneuvers by promoting chaos as a way of justifying a foreign military intervention”.

In this sense, students requested a meeting with Chancellor Rodolfo Nin Novoa, and called for a mobilization “in defense of the self-determination of the peoples, in solidarity with the Venezuelan people, and in rejection of the position of the National Government”.

Uruguayan unions reflect outrage over Venezuela:

Similarly, the executive secretariat of the Workers’ National Convention (PIT-CNT) rejected Venezuela’s suspension from Mercosur, a decision taken by the four founding members (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay).

The union central said in a statement that the measure “does not take into account the democratic acts that this process has developed with more than 20 (electoral) acts”.

In this sense, members of the organization claimed the recent vote of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and stated that “despite the boycott of a part of the opposition that did not submit candidates and called for civil disobedience, promoting violence and terror, achieved a very large number of voters”.

They also point out that “it is inconclusive at all times”, since “it favors a part of the opposition that despite the paths of dialogue opened among others by the former President of Spain, Mr. Rodríguez Zapatero, is the one that persists in non-Democratic, non-political and violent actions”.

The four major internal currents of the PIT-CNT voted in favor of the statement.