TSJ will guarantee justice and rule of law this Oct-15

Hace 7 meses.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice, Judge Maikel Moreno, said that next October 15 will be deployed 1,200 courts with their judges throughout the country, with the aim of ensuring effective justice and the State of Law in the electoral parties that stars the Venezuelan people.

The Judge-President assured that justice works 24 hours a day during the 365 days of the year; and for these regional elections a judicial operative was arranged in order to respond effectively to the population, who on this occasion will democratically elect Governor men and women for the different states of the national territory.

The Supreme Authority of the TSJ announced that during these elections, courts throughout the country will be working to ensure the transparency of the vote, as well as ensuring peace between Venezuelans and Venezuelans who will participate in this process.

The President of the High Court said that these new elections strengthen stability and democracy, as well as evidence of the commitment of the Venezuelan State to the dialogue and peace of the Nation.