TSJ ratifies the 34 judges appointed by the National Assembly on December 23, 2015

Hace 2 años.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court declared as null the so-called by the NA “Special Committee for the Rescue of the Institutionalization of the Supreme Court” as well as the act of its creation, any actions taken by it, reports and other instruments produced by it, for lack of validity, existence and legal effectiveness.

The fraudulent Commission presented on July 14 to the plenary of the National Assembly a report recommending that the Parliament, to nullify the selection of Judges and Magistrates of the Supreme Court that ended in December 2015, besides trying to appoint a Judicial Nominating Committee to unlawfully select new judges.

Judgement No. 614 of July 19, 2016, with a presentation by its President, Judge Gladys Maria Gutierrez Alvarado, annulled the parliamentary act, on which was approved the report submitted by said Committee, held at the regular meeting of July 14, 2016, and declared that any Commission artifice or action that is intended to nullify the appointment of Judges and Magistrates, is unlawful, absolutely null and void because it subverts the constitutional procedure for the removal of judges of the Supreme Justice Court.

The Constitutional Court noted that the parliamentary act issued at the meeting of December 23, 2015, in which were appointed and sworn in 34 Judges and Magistrates, retains its full force and they remain in office for the corresponding constitutional period, and therefore it orders to the board of the National Assembly and any deputies incur in the irregularities identified in this judgment, to comply with the order provided in the Constitution.

The ruling overturned the call and the session of the National Assembly of July 14, 2016, along with any acts produced in it, and ordered to the Board, to the rest of any other deputies incur in the irregularities noted in this judgment, to comply with the order provisions of the Constitution, whose validity and effectiveness, against these acts which constitute obvious abuses of power and constitutional fraud, will be unconditionally protected by the highest court of the Republic, under the ward of the Venezuelan people and the interests of the nation.

The maximum interpreter of the Constitution of 1999 ordered to deliver a certified copy of the judgment to the Attorney General of the Republic, because of the possible commission of crimes against the National powers and the administration of Justice, among other protected legal interests and other forms of legal liability.