TSJ declares as constitutional extension of State of Exception and National Economic Emergency

Hace 2 años.

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), through the Constitutional Court, affirmed the constitutionality of Decree No. 2,371, whereby the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, extended for sixty (60) days the State of Exception and Economic Emergency throughout the entire National Territory.

The ruling stated that the State of Exception and Economic Emergency throughout the National Territory must be abided by and implemented by the entire Public Power and the community, according to its previsions and the rest of the constitutional and legal order in general, in order to fully achieve its duties in defense of the citizenship. In this regard, he reiterated the provisions of Article 17 of the Organic Law on States of Emergency, based on the civic duty to cooperate with the competent authorities for the protection of persons, property and places.

The declaration extending the State of Exception, obeys to the meritorious need to protect the Venezuelan people and its institutions, a direct expression of public power, which have been the subject of internal and external threats, and of actions to destabilize the economy and the social order in the country, being indispensable for the restoration of economic activities within the national scope, and resulting proportional, relevant, useful and necessary for the exercise and development of the Constitutional Right to the economic, social and security protection of the Nation.

The Chamber, in its judgment No. 615 with a joint presentation, reiterated that it corresponds to ensure the supremacy and effectiveness of laws and fundamental principles in its condition of maximum and ultimate interpreter of the Constitution, in accordance with Articles 334 and 335 of the Constitution. Consequently, its decisions on these rules and principles are strictly binding in terms of ensuring the effective protection and enforcement of the Constitution.