TSJ declared null and void incorporation of suspended deputies from Amazonas state

Hace 2 años.

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The Supreme Court of Justice, on its Electoral Chamber declares that it lacks validity, existence and legal effect the act of swearing and incorporation into the National Assembly of the citizens Julio Ygarza, Nirma Guarulla and Romel Guzamana, in the posts of deputies, due to a flagrant violation of the constitutional public order.

The decision made in joint presentation, declares the contempt in which incurred the Board of the National Assembly and the other deputies who form the parliamentary sector in opposition to the National Government, regarding two sentences issued by the Electoral Chamber, issued on 12/30/2015 and 01/11/2016 in which were ordered and ratified, respectively, the suspension of effects of the acts of totalization, adjudication and proclamation of the deputies elected in Amazonas state.

The highest court of the nation, warned that will reserve any actions or proceedings that may take place, with the aim of demanding the respective responsibilities and maintain the constitutional order.

As it will be recalled, on December 29, 2015, citizen Nicia Maldonado brought an electoral contentious appeal with injunctive relief against the parliamentary elections held in Amazonas state, due to the occurrence of acts contrary to the law, publicly known, which could lead to the configuration of an electoral fraud against the free and sovereign will of the voters of that state.

At this point, the process is in the stage of collection of evidences, whose realization is essential to continue the process and issue a sentence. In this process, there have been seen performances of the parties that have prevented its ending by now, including a request for the reinstatement of the case requested by the defendants. However, from the record is evidenced that the Judiciary Power has deployed all the necessary actions to further develop this and the other processes that correspond therein.