TSJ confirms that collection of 20% of signatures must be performed by state

Hace 2 años.

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ruled on Monday on a request for interpretation on which it ratifies that the collection of a 20% of signatures to request the recall referendum, scheduled for October 26, 27 and 28, must be conducted by each federal entity.

According to the decision of the Electoral Chamber No. 147, record 2016-000074, the country’s highest court ruled on the interpretation of Articles 15 and 29 of the Rules Regulating the Procedure for the Promotion and Application of revocatory referenda Fee Mandates of Popular election and the convening of the recall referendum requires to gather a twenty percent (20%) of expressions of will of the electorate in each and every one of the states and in the Capital District of the Republic.

“The lack of collection of that percentage in any state or the District Capital, would make nugatory the valid convening of the presidential recall referendum,” says the record.

“The stage of collection of demonstrations of will can not be, not may be confused with the referendum in the strict sense, in which does indeed participate the entire electoral roll, a universality encompassing all voters, both those who support the revocation of the mandate as well as those who aspire to ratify in the elective office to the official subject to the referendum. The collection of expressions of will is in no case, therefore, nor a consultation, nor a referendum or a plebiscite, “adds the information published on the website of the Supreme Court of Justice.