To strengthen educational quality and enhance production are the goals of the new school year

Hace 2 años.

In 17 years of Bolivarian Revolution, education has become an essential premise for both Commander Hugo Chavez as well as President Nicolas Maduro. More than 7 million children who receive a completely free and quality education, 100 million books from the Bicentennial Collection distributed, and 5 million “Canaima” computers delivered, among others, are examples of this.

The Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, called on Monday to consolidate the country’s communities as spaces for the educational process and to strengthen the quality of education in schools, colleges and universities, in the occasion of starting the 2016- 2017 school period.

From Vargas State, where he inaugurated the “Cruz Felipe Iriarte” school, he gave instructions to his work team to further strengthen the education system, and urged teachers and students to strengthen the quality of the curriculum and give an efficient use to the work tools.

“We must take great care of them. To care for the books, the computers. Everything that is donefor education, will be done for peace, for the prosperity of this country that has the right to continue to grow, and to happiness”, he said in a joint radio and television broadcast.

The President also called for promoting the school “conucos” (small planting fields) in schools and colleges, in the framework of the agro-urban activities carried out at national level “to multiply the conucos. Conucos have to be a piece in order to produce seeds, food, to learn working and doing “.

In that regard, the Minister for Urban Agriculture, Lorena Freitez, highlighted through a television contact during the presidential broadcast, that 2500 schools nationwide are developing this initiative.

“School conucos in network are already active, with pumpkin, peppers, corn, sweet pepper, among other items,” she said.

Maduro also called to deepen the cultural and technological revolution that reinforces the Nationalist values and took the opportunity to make the delivery of the Canaima computer number 5,000,000 to a student at the Cruz Felipe Iriarte school.

“We must promote our nationality, our values. Do not let anyone take away our way of being, our idiosyncrasies”, he said.