Tibisay Lucena rejects attacks against the CNE

Hace 2 años.

The president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, rejected on Thursday the constant insults and aggressions to which are subjected the staff of this body, especially the rectors, by a political sector of the country.

At a news conference, Lucena condemned “the repeated threats and insults that are so lightly made” against the electoral officials and workers of the institution.

She said that it is unacceptable that any citizen, in knowledge and use of their political rights, “which also holds a public office assigned by a popular election, where these authorities manage the process from its start until their proclamation, now unashamedly disowning their duties and responsibilities seek to convert national politics via a strategy for the devastation of various State institutions in the quagmire of a verbal clash which denotes a profound contempt for the human beings”.

She wondered “Should this country accept as normal for any politician to insult unashamedly whoever it pleases or to impose through the social networks a contempt for the dignity and respect for the people? We the CNE authorities are political subjects who exercise public office that requires us to live and to act within the public sphere in a different way than any other citizen “.