Tibisay Lucena: CNE does not play games, it fulfills its responsibilities

Hace 11 meses.

Regarding sectors that have tried to discredit the work of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the President of the electoral body, Tibisay Lucena, made clear on Thursday that the CNE “does not play games, we comply responsibly with each event.”

“The CNE has been working in all the electoral activities with responsibility, but some people began to attack it”, reiterated Lucena.

She added that those who engage in this type of disqualification are “a sector that does not believe in the electoral route to settle differences and decide the destinies of the country” and who are dedicated to generating confusion.

She argued that the timeline for the election of governors continues and the CNE continues to work for the date it has announced, scheduled for December 10.

Finally, she recalled: “The CNE announced last year the electoral calendar, but in October we had a ruling that we accepted and started the renewal of nomics that is in its final phase and for which there remain still two weekends”.