They do not support dialogue! Opposition had the nerve to leave Unasur waiting

Hace 2 años.

President Nicolas Maduro regretted that representatives of the right wing, have refused to attend the meeting that had been agreed at the first meeting, which was scheduled between Sunday and Monday at the Dominican Republic, to further explore dialogue initiatives for peace in the nation.

“Our delegation arrived on Sunday to work for dialogue, for peace, for understanding, with a preset agenda. The opposition once again had the nerve to leave Unasur waiting, and also the former Presidents who have the unanimous support of the world for peace talks in Venezuela, “said the Head of State during his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) held from Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

Given these actions, President Maduro – after reading the statement issued earlier by Unasur- urged on the revolutionary forces not to distract attention from the goal to which they are summoned. “World champions of a dialogue of peace, a peace agenda, and let nothing stop us”.

In his speech, accompanied by part of his ministerial team,of Nicolas Maduro said that the revoking referendum “will not be on the dialogue tables” that currently the National Government and the opposition are holding with the UNASUR and the former Presidents at Dominican Republic.

Regarding the signatures collected by the Venezuelan opposition, he said that “more than 30% of the package they delivered is illegal, (there are) eleven thousand dead people, that is already invalidated in there, in my opinion, now, that is to be decided by the organs of Public Power”

For his part, Jorge Rodriguez, political leader and head of the Commission for reviewing the signatures, recalled on how many times the President of the Republic has called on the Venezuelan people for a dialogue during his Presidential term.

“The first was the day of the elections where you (Nicolas Maduro) asked the Venezuelan right wing not to fall into the adventure of violence, then in the municipal elections of December that year, you summoned the Mayors elected by the opposition to Miraflores Palace to discuss on the work and on building the country, and their response was the call for “La Salida” (the ‘exit’) in 2014″, stressed the political leader, Jorge Rodriguez.

Rodriguez Zapatero, former Spanish president, was in a visit in Venezuela, where he met with opposition spokespersons, and he also visited the imprisoned, Leopoldo Lopez.

In a very curious fact, it was Jorge Rodriguez himself who gave the ride to the former president to where Lopez is. The political leader assures he did not stayed during the visit, and the family of Lopez, together with his lawyer, lied through the social networks regarding said meeting.

On the meetings in the Dominican Republic, on Monday was issued a statement by the Secretary of the Democratic Unity Board (MUD), Jesus “Chuo” Torrealba, where they ask to differ the meeting after it had begun two days earlier. “It’s such a non-serious thing (…) the big problem they have is that they do not dare to tell to all those people to whom they generated hatred and violence, that everyone is welcoming this proposal for dialogue”, concluded the also psychiatrist.