There is machinery to hold the Government accountable for deaths in violent events convened by the opposition

Hace 11 meses.

The first Vice-President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, referred to the manipulation made by the right wing, along with national and international media, to assign responsibility for the deaths that occurred in the violent acts promoted by the opposition to the Bolivarian Government and to the State’s security forces.

“We deeply regret all the deaths. One sees today that they killed another boy in Las Mercedes and immediately, what they said was that it was (made by) the Bolivarian National Guard with a tear gas impact”, said Cabello during the broadcast of the “Con el Mazo dando” (Hitting with the Hammer) program.

He said that there are videos indicating that the young man was killed by a gunshot at close range – 3 or 4 meters, and that those responsible were part of the opposition protesters.

He explained that at the site of the facts there was no presence of policemen, nor of guards.

He denounced that behind these facts there is a great machinery, which includes opposition leaders, blaming the Government for the deaths.