There are detainees! Leaders of MUD lead attacks in cities across the country

Hace 2 años.

There are detainees in cities where there have been generated attacks led by leaders of parties of the extreme right wing, “I will not say their names for now”, revealed on Tuesday night the Head of State during the broadcast of his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro).

Regarding the actions of vandalism that have occurred in recent days, he said that “the parties of the extreme right wing proposed to set the country on fire on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, because it is (being held) the General Assembly of the OAS, they wanted to show the world -that in here there is ungovernability – in order for the body to approve the Democratic Charter against Venezuela, in addition to approving a blank check for a political and military intervention”.

Although there is peace in the country, -said the President-, the right wing has generated in some populations miserable attacks, but the Bolivarian Government is already taking legal actions. “They show in videos and photos, moving a lot of money, that is part of the operations we have known,” he added.

He said that “they have moved the “guarimbas” (street riots) of 2004 and 2014 to one of the main lines of attack that the right wing has now, and which has deepened these days due to the total madness of a plan to destabilize Venezuela (…)” he reiterated from Miraflores Palace.

In that sense, he enhanced that the Venezuelan people is in times of battle because the right wing has declared a total war because of their desperation. “It is so much like this, that the failed Governor of Miranda has gone on a tour through South America to waste time (…) he has abandoned his office, (they are) crazy for their despair and to hurt the country.”

Finally, he thanked the member countries of the OAS for the support, compression and support for Venezuela, and therefore he sentenced that the Homeland of Bolivar and Chavez will emerge from the body stronger, “So I say this, they have failed once again in their evil plans “.