The true triumph of the revolution lies in maintaining peace

Hace 9 meses.

The maintenance of peace is the true triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution, said the Mayor of the Bolivarian Libertador Municipality, Jorge Rodríguez.

“The great majorities remain attached to the maintenance of peace … Until now the great majorities remain attached to peace. That is the true victory of the revolution of the whole world. Peace is a victory for the Venezuelan people”, he said in the “La Política en el Diván” (Politics in the Divan)program .

In reference to the recent actions and statements of opposition spokesmen, he said that “they have not taken or will take power and they already dream of forced disappearances with stadiums, persecutions commit aggressions on people, they are still far from taking the reins of the state, but they are already calling for aggression, street killings … They are in a distant position to assume power in Venezuela, but they already feel in their infinite narcissism, in their egolatry, that they can command to kill, to assassinate, to destroy.

Rodríguez denounced that the leaders of the right wing “have resorted to all the mechanisms of psychological warfare, (…) for fear of generating extreme situations … The vast majority of Venezuela is at peace. They have failed to set the prairie on fire, as Freddy Guevara and Julio Borges who have promoted fascism as a way of doing politics. ”

Mayor Rodriguez added that fascism has no arguments to convince, because “they believe that they have a level of superiority … but when you listen to what they say, they assert that it is lawful to murder someone.”

He assured that the right wing is engulfed in hatred and does not care about the truth. “They put cannon fodder in Venezuela because they need it in order to take power. They are still far from power and summoning to kill. “